The House of God Apostolic Church was founded and built by Elder John T. Grier. Elder Grier was brought up in Christ Temple Church in Indianapolis, Indiana under the leadership of the late Bishop G. Thomas Haywood (who he was named after) and Elder R. F. Tobin. He attended Grace Apostolic Church in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1959 pastored by the late Bishop M. E. Golder, where his foundation was undergirded.

In 1961, Pastor Grier married his wife, Gladys, and moved to Los Angeles where they became members of Home Assembly Apostolic Faith Church then located at 65th Place and Normandie Avenue and was pastored by the late Bishop F. R. Bowdan. Pastor Grier was ordained as a deacon under Bishop Bowdan and also served there under the late Suffragan Bishop Grady Benton. (He was a deacon for 19 years.)

Subsequently, Pastor Grier acknowledged the call of God to the ministry (there was always a feeling that God wanted something more of his life.)

During this time, with God's hand leading him, he was ordained as a licensed minister in the P. A. W. (Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. Inc.). It was in 1989 that God moved upon Elder J. T. Grier to begin the church called "House of God" in his home. It happened that it began in the "upper room" on 64th Street with a few souls that had been filled with the Holy Ghost in that same room. God had confirmed His call through many ways and had taken away doubts and fears in the undertaking of such an awesome task as leading His people. God spoke to Elder Grier personally. He sent words of prophecy many times. He answered prayers to make his will known unto him. He believes God therefore he speaks.

After starting the church in the "upper room", God directed Pastor Grier to finish the half of the duplex next door and let him know that was the next step to take.

On Mother's Day in 1990, the first service was held at our second location at 1257 W. 64th Street in Los Angeles.

The Lord began dealing with Pastor Grier about a building, and through divine intervention, directed him to it. After much persistence and prayer, and holding on to what he believed, God's will was for the House of God.

Escrow was closed on October 26, 1994. Since then, Pastor Grier and his wife Gladys Grier have worked hard to be able to complete the edifice to the Glory of God, where the "House of God" would one day be a place where men and women could worship God in the beauty of Holiness. That day is today, please come and join us as we worship Jesus Christ - Maranatha!






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